Because I want to microblog without experiencing Twitter more than I have to I post here!

Current events tempts me to curl up into a ball of self-preservation, but I also want to take a moment to proclaim the wisdom of these three words: "Love your enemies."
WebP is a wonderful format, and I absolutely resent everyone that uses it.
I hope he gets well soon. I also hope for better character in our elected officials. Those sentiments are completely unrelated, so not confusing to understand or difficult to hold.
The human heart needs good happily ever afters, and at regular intervals.
I asked some fellow Americans tonight for their thoughts on the presidential debate. The prevailing sentiment was that it "wasn't very entertaining." In case you're wondering how things are going in our democracy.
Just finished "About Time" (2013). It has an unconventional, wish-fulfillment-y plot, but that didn't stop from from enjoying the snot out of it.
I've just watched Primer (2004)... twice. Last night and again just now. I'm not sure any other movie has inspired that in me. After the first viewing I had to admit that I did not, and would not understand it. That's probably a first too.
I've just relaunched my website! In this blog post I discuss some of the technical stuff:
The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957) is a great watch. Great suspense. The portrayals (of individuals, and peoples, and genders, and so on) are all interesting. Some of them intentionally so, and some of them as artifacts of a bygone era.
Lawrence of Arabia (1962) is probably the most beautiful movie I've ever seen. And the logistics of one enormous shot featuring deserts and cliffs and hundreds of men riding camels—let alone all of them—it boggles the mind.
Hmm, new version of my site isn't perfect, but it's looking ready to launch :O
"There's nothing more to life than love is there?" I'm sorry, but sometimes Snow Patrol said it all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯