Photo of a street with several cute houses.

Superb Inspections

  • Mobile App
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • UI design
  • Branding
The colorful Superb login screen.
Detail view of an inspection in progress.
Superb sketch tool.
Superb logo design.
Superb loading animation.
Superb icons and graphics.

The challenge of this project was to create an app flexible and feature-rich enough for professional appraisers, but with an eye toward a possible future where the industry enters the gig-economy, amateur inspectors evaluating their own home and those of others.

By flexibility I mean this: I designed and programmed in Dart a library of form components which can be arranged and nested in any order based on form data specified by the lender and appraisal management company. Each appraisal can have it's own custom form to inquire after all the relevent details.

And as for feature-rich, the app also generates progress bars for each section and sub-section of the form. It includes form validation and a job queue. It allows the user to build a gallery of photos of the property by hooking into native camera controls. And best of all, it supplies a canvas where the property layout can be drawn with fluid multi-touch gestures.

In designing the look and feel, I was wanted to express the democratization of home inspections—this app is for everyone—so I aimed for friendly, and trendy. From the logo design and color choices, to the form inputs, to the animated button icons, everything is designed to invite you in.

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