In Defense of Weeds

Title II Support Again

With FCC Chairman Ajit Pai “firing up the weed whacker” on Net Neutrality, it's time to make a defense for a meadow purposed for wild flowers. It's time again to defend the open Internet.

The FCC has opened a channel for input from the people and I responded. Here's my message.

I strongly support Net Neutrality and I think Title II is the best way to do it.

As a consumer I can tell you that the preferable ISP is one strongly protected by Title II. Their service is worse, not better, if they are allowed to slow down my access to certain web servers. Their service is worse, not better, if they are allowed to create bundles of websites that I am allowed to access. With common carrier classification my ISP gets paid for its part of the business — connecting me, and I get to choose which online services I want to use.

As web developer for 17 years, I can tell you that Title II creates more opportunities for innovative new businesses than does Title I.

The Internet is the most powerful tool for communication and information access ever devised by mankind, precisely because of its democratized architecture. We can not allow ISPs to lock it down for their selfish interest in fabricating additional revenue streams.

You can let the FCC know how you feel about Net Neutrality as well!

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