Photo of a kid wearing aviation goggles, a hand-crafted rocket strapped to her back, looking off into the distance with mountains on the horizon.

USA Appraiser

  • Mobile App
  • Flutter
  • Dart
  • UI design
  • Branding
Dashboard  with open orders count and message indicator.
Job queue.
Messaging with SMS-style chat bubbles.
Four versions of the redesigned USA logo: logomark, horizontal, vertical, and 1-color.

Appraisers are always on the go, traveling to a property and inspecting it up and down, before setting off again. So it's handy to be able to review all your properties, plan your route, and update your report on the go. This mobile app was designed to do just that.

We wanted the app to reach iOS and Android users alike, and we found Google's Flutter to be a good fit. I designed the UI and programmed custom components in Dart, aranging them in a hierarchy to create functional app views.

Prior to my arrival at United States Appraisals the company lacked a coordinated brand and a strong logo. This project was an opportunity to address those issues. I designed the USA logomark in a classic style of elegant graphic shapes, to leverage the trustworthiness and competancy of established brands. And I charted a course for a brand image rooted in can-do optimism and americana.